Motion Graphic Company in Emirates

Motion Graphic Company in Emirates

Motion Graphic Company in Emirates, in light of the information revolution that we are living in now, and the remarkable development in the use of modern technologies and employing them in a manner that suits the needs of the market, it has become imperative for everyone who seeks excellence in his field to use modern methods that impose themselves and strongly on reality and among these modern methods in Advertising is a professional motion graphic video design, Motion Graphics Company in Kuwait.


is presenting with you as the best Motion Graphics design company in the UAE, a comprehensive guide in the field of Motion Graphics design, and how you can benefit from it in the field of marketing.


During this article, you will learn about the definition of motion graphics, what are the steps for designing a distinctive motion graphic video, the most popular programs used in designing a motion graphic video, and finally, why use the motion graphic video in e-marketing?


What is motion graphics?


Motion Graphic Company in Emirates
Motion Graphic Company in Emirates

Motion means motion, and Graphic is a collection of graphics.


So Motion Graphics is defined as a set of graphics to which motion is added in a professional way to become an animation with the addition of some texts as well as sound effects from music or written text to produce a professional Motion Graphics video design.


Motion Graphics videos are heavily used in marketing now because they present the marketing idea in a more professional and exciting way. Motion Graphics videos enable users to communicate the marketing idea to the brand appropriately and attractively at the same time.


Emirates Motion Graphics Company

Motion graphics or motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story with the addition of music and expressive texts. Motion graphics have recently been used to create marketing ads, as well as educational and awareness-raising, as well as titles for movies, series, etc.


Steps to design a professional motion graphic video

If you want to design a great Motion Graphics video, you need to walk a specific path that connects you to this goal. Through the long years of work in the Motion Graphics Emirates, we worked on designing many Motion Graphics videos and learned a lot along this path.


So we give you advice today in case you want to know the right steps to design a successful motion graphic video.


1- Determine the goal of the video

In order to reach what you want you to have to specify where you want to reach, so the first step we take when designing a motion graphics video by our company to design motion graphics videos is to determine the goal behind the video.


When determining the purpose of the video, we wonder about:


What is the exact target group?

What exactly do I want to tell them? (General video message)


What is the feeling I want to communicate through the video? Is it to increase brand awareness? Provide a service? Share a general problem facing customers and offer their solutions?


After defining the overall goal, the next step comes.


2- Select the text accurately (SCRIPT)

Mostly, the motion graphics video is short, you may have 30 seconds or a minute and a half.


This means that you do not have much time and therefore the text should be clear and simple. It can be difficult when you want to deliver a message in this short time, but when you seek the help of specialists, the task will be much easier.


You have to remember as you write the text that movement in the video gives you a lot of things that prevent you from prolonging your speech, so let your words be specific and brief.


3- Define video ideas and design perception

In this step, we use a brainstorming method with members of the marketing, design, and production team. This

the approach works well for us because it gives you the scenario you need to design a Motion Graphics video in

addition to visualizing the shape of the drawings by the designer with the development of an accurate strategy by

the marketer.


During this stage, we tend to draw and define general frames and review the final text together before starting,

then we start drawing ideas to convert the text into reality.


4- Converting ideas into designs

Once we define the general ideas and formulate them in the form of drawings, we begin to translate these

drawings into actual designs. At this stage, we are interested in the fine details, as it is these small details that

show professionalism in the video.


As with any visual project that we create, choosing colors and style is just as important as a video story, because

we believe that small details greatly affect your audience and reflect your brand identity more clearly and



5- Final stage of Motion Graphics design

After making sure of the consistency of all the previous steps, the final stage of the drawings and designs that

have been implemented comes.


At this stage we make sure of several important things:


Motion Graphic Company in Emirates

This is not just about the design and movement of the graphics, but also how the effect of animation appears in

the video, and how the moves continue to produce a coherent story arranged in the viewer. You must reach the

video in an organized way in the movements or scenes.


Choose the right time for the video:

The appropriate timing away from the boring lengthening that affects the scene slow or speedy that

disturb the delivery of the message you want, you must serve your idea in an ideal way at a suitable time.



Using suitable music for the video story gives you the appropriate impression for your video, and choosing the

the right music sets the mood for the video and affects the tone of the created story.


Sound effects:

Some animators believe that you should allow other elements to speak for themselves without introducing an

external influencer as characters serve themselves, and on the other hand, others believe that sound effects are

necessary and that their use adds value to your project and does not divert attention from the story you are

trying to tell.

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