Motion Graphic Company in Iraq

Motion Graphic Company in Iraq

Motion Graphic Company in Iraq


Motion Graphic Company in Iraq, the digital world has become one of the most important foundations for large companies to market their products, Motion Graphic Company in Emirates.

After the number of Internet users in the Middle East exceeds 650 million daily Internet users, it has become important for companies seeking to market their products to enter the digital world and take their share of it.


Motion Graphic Company in Iraq


Motion Graphic Company in Iraq
Motion Graphic Company in Iraq

Your presence in a distinctive and wonderful way in the digital world depends on many things such as owning a website, being present on social media effectively, as well as displaying your services or products in a distinctive and wonderful way that makes you different from competitors in a clear way.


From here comes the importance of a propaganda video design service, as we provide you with a unique presentation of your services or products through a short video accompanied by an audio comment that attracts and arouses the interest of your customers!


Motion Graphic Company in Iraq

An advertising video design service is a service that enables you to create a video with an audio commentary explaining the services and products that you provide, using the latest and nicest technology motion graphics in the world to display the products and services.


This technology relies on simple and simple graphics that blend in with the idea presented with audio writing and comments that communicate ideas to visitors in a nice and fast manner and leaves the impression of the visitor with the professionalism of this service provider.


This technology depends on the design of the images displayed using the flat technology or flat design, as the flat design technology is now used by major international companies such as Google and others, where we note that all sites that Google creates for its services depend on this technology.


Promoted Videos and Search Engines!

Did you know that Google prefers sites with different content! Yes, the presence of images, text, and video on the web page that you want to appear in the first search results increases its chances of coming up with the targeted words, provided that the content on it is original and not copied or duplicated.


But what if:

This content was really attractive and made the visitor want to browse your site completely and get to know your

company and what it offers? Did you know that search engines calculate the visitor’s movements within this site

and based on that, you can know the visitor’s liking of your site and evaluate it accordingly?


Marketing by video design and its impact!

The matter is not just limited to your website, you are successful advertising campaigns on social media sites

largely depend on the attractiveness of the advertisement you display and how attractive it is for visitors to view

the content of this ad. It is similar in some way to the ads that appear on the TV, did you happen if you watched

a promotional video on the TV and skipped it without giving any importance! Yes, it happens continuously, but

what if this video is attractive, distinctive, and interesting? You will likely follow it even if you are not interested in

the product presented!

What are the prices for advertising video design?


Simply, the price of a promotional video design varies according to the type of video and the type of

accompanying services that will be provided with this video. For example, videos accompanied by professional

audio comments, their prices differ from videos that are calm music and offer ideas with beautiful design, and the

length of the required video is the influencing factor The largest in the price of providing the service. We strive

and make sure that our prices are discounted and distinguished by providing greater professionalism with the

same prices found in the advertising market, excellence and professionalism is our goal and what makes our

customers always trust in our services.

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